In lieu of Valentine’s Day, we’ve dug into the truth of whether your current housing situation is helping or hurting your love life. Does homeownership = marriage material? Are your roommates or parents affecting your romantic relationships? 


The website house Method surveyed single men and women about deal breakers and turn-offs of a dating prospect's Home. If you're not having luck in the love department, your living situation could be the culprit. 


Here is a fact: For the first time in 130 years, more young adults live with their parents than live with partners.  In fact, 32% of adults aged 18–34 live with their parents.


With so many young adults living with parents, is the dating pool accepting the situation? Well, more than 83% of women surveyed say that they would not date a partner who lives with their parents, and 63% of men say the same.


What about roommates? Only 20 percent of women say that a partner having a roommate is a deal breaker in a dating relationship, while 39 percent of men say that a roommate situation would be enough to call it off.

If you live on your own and are still not attracting the right partner, it could be what is inside your home. Women and men seem to have similar turn offs. Women and men alike don't like seeing guns on display and a junky home both ranking as the two highest no-nos. Ranking in the middle of highest turn offs for both sexes is empty alcohol bottles and politically affiliated decor. At the bottom, 5th biggest turn-off, lies a difference for men and women. Women don't like Disney paraphernalia while men don't like to see small pets (like a hamster or gerbil). Now, we're not saying get rid of your pet, but perhaps if you have a messy home or weapons out, work on getting those issues handled before your next date. 


Happy Valentine's Day!



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