Lakefront Homes in Ypsilanti, MI

Lakefront Homes in Ypsilanti, MI

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The United States Census Bureau tells us that Ypsilanti encompasses a total area of more than 31 square miles. It is made up of nearly 30 square miles of land and 1.8 square miles of water. That doesn't leave a whole lot of room for lakefront homes in Ypsilanti, but thanks primarily to a broad expanse of the Huron River, called Ford Lake, the city is not devoid of property near water.

The Ford Lake Dam lies approximately 1.5 square miles southeast of Interstate 94, the two Huron River landmarks acting as bookend bottlenecks, helping to form the lake into an oblong-shaped body of water.

Many of the lakefront homes in Ypsilanti are found just a couple of blocks from downtown in quaint, olde-worlde-style named neighborhoods, such as Gault Village, West Willow and Rawsonville.

Ford Lake also provides an idyllic backdrop for a number of Ypsilanti Township's most serene parks, including the 98-acre eponymous Ford Lake Park. Resting along the lake's southern shores, the park's numerous amenities include four picnic pavilions, a public boat launch, athletic courts and ball fields, play equipment for the little tykes and plenty of nature trails.

Some of the other parks on or near the lake include North Hydro Park, South Hydro Park, North Bay Park, Loonfeather Point Park and Lakeside Park.

The City of Ypsilanti

Home to more than 20,000 year-round residents, as well as approximately 23,000 Eastern Michigan University students, Ypsilanti is a vibrant, culturally diverse city tucked away in the southeast corner of Michigan about six miles southeast of Ann Arbor.

Ypsilanti also lies just beyond the outer-ring suburbs of Detroit, one of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, and less than 45 miles west of the city's downtown. This makes the lakefront homes in Ypsilanti especially attractive to commuters who desire a small-town lifestyle, while remaining close to the conveniences and entertainment options in the big city.

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