Waterfront Homes in Pinckney, Michigan

Waterfront Homes in Pinckney, Michigan

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The Village of Pinckney is a small, primarily rural community tucked in cozily between two of Michigan's major metropolitan areas of Lansing (to the west) and Detroit (to the east), in the southern section of Livingston County.

According to the informational website, Sperling's Best Places, Pinckney's population in 2012 was 2,427. This highlights the village's incredible population boom of nearly 13 percent since the year 2000.

Waterfront homes in Pinckney, Michigan are so plentiful that you could almost tour the neighborhoods while canoeing, fishing or waterskiing. That's because a significant number of the lakes located just a short, picturesque drive southwest of downtown Pinckney are connected via the relatively narrow waterways that flow together to form the Portage Chain of Lakes. These include larger lakes, such as Portage Lake and Base Line Lake; smaller lakes, such as Tamarack Lake and Loon Lake; and medium-sized lakes, such as Gallagher Lake and Strawberry Lake.

The aforementioned Sperling's Best Places tells us that Pinckney's median home price, including waterfront and landlocked properties, in 2012 was $151,900, with a 3.16 percent home appreciation.  Check out our Waterfront Properties in the MLS search Tab 

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