Homes in Chelsea Public School District

Homes in Chelsea Public School District

The small and rural community of Chelsea, Michigan is in many ways a great place to raise a family. The schools that make up the Chelsea Public School District boast notoriously high ratings in comparison to educational institutions in the rest of the country, and families residing in homes in Chelsea Public School District can rest assured that their youngest members will receive an outstanding education while growing up in a community with many recreational, cultural, professional, and educational resources. Watch the video below narrated by local celebrity Jeff Daniels.

The Chelsea School District is constantly setting goals for itself so that it regularly makes improvements that benefit its many students. Some of the schools district goals for the 2013 to 2014 school year have included focusing on fiscal responsibility, facilitating productive and enriching interaction between students and their communities, and increasing achievement among the student body.

Although Chelsea School District endeavors to make improvements, the District has already achieved many accomplishments in terms of its student body and the quality of the education it provides to its pupils. For example, a large proprtion of Chelsea School District high school students participate in advanced placement courses, and test score statistics show that high school students in Chelsea School District show an 85% proficiency in reading abilities and a 77% proficiency in mathematical abilities. 

The population of Chelsea has increased significantly over the last decade, and this indicates that high quality schools are not the only strong point of residing in homes in Chelsea Public School District. Since 2000, the population of Chelsea has risen by almost 15%, and the cost of living in this Michigan community is quite low despite the fact that Chelsea is highly desirable as a town of residence for young families. 

The low unemployment rate in Chelsea in comparison to that of the rest of the state of Michigan shows that Chelsea is a place with a great deal of opportunity. Homes and condos in Chelsea tend to be more expensive than in the rest of Michigan, incomes in this Michigan community also tend to be fairly high on average. With a population of 5,029 and an area of about 3.3 square miles, Chelsea has a low population density that makes it so that residents of the town never feel overcrowded.

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