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Real Estate Home Valuation Tool Information for Ann Arbor and Surrounding Communities

by Tom Stachler,ABR,CDPE - Group One Realty Team

Looking for the Value of your Home in Michigan?

Try this Michigan Real Estate Home valuation tool to get a more accurate idea of your homes current worth that has proven to be more accurate than Zillow's Zestimate feature for instance for the tax assessor SEV or taxable value information. 

Go to www.My to view it for yourself and if you put in your contact information, the service will send you quarterly valuation reports as well if you want.  Of course the most accurate way of getting a market report would be to drop us an email and we could provide you with a report with comps and even tweak it further with a visit to your home.  

Let us know if you have any questions or are looking to transition into another home or condo.  Just go to for more information and to get the process started.  




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Going on a Trip? Use this Vacation Prep Check List

by Tom Stachler,ABR,CDPE - Group One Realty Team

Vacation Prep Checklist:


Unplug electronics.  Any televisions, computers, stereos and other electronics  that are not plugged into a surge protector should be unplugged in case of a power surge.  


Monitor with Cell phone.  There are many services and equipment available now using cellular or Home wifi services that can send you text or video messages automatically to your computer or phone. Try video cameras with motion notices like DropCam or Nest thermostats and also cellular alarms like SimpliSafe not to forget some of the new video door bells


 Light rooms with timers.  They are available for under $20, and help make the home look occupied and use less electricity. To save on energy use fluorescent or ultimately, LED exterior light bulbs (very low energy usage) and leave your outside lights on more often.


 Turn off the main water supply.  A small leak while you are away can cause major damage.  Your main water shut off should not be far from your water meter or where water pipes enter your home.


 Check your sump pump if you have one.  Pour a bucket of water into the sump crock to test.  The pump should turn on after it reaches a level that triggers the pump.  It's a good idea to check this periodically as a routine maintenance item as well.


Adjust your thermostat settings.  It is not the best idea to completely turn off your furnace or air conditioning while you are gone.  Best temperatures for vacation settings are upper 70's for summer and upper 50's in winter.



Adjust your water heater.  Turn the temp setting to low or vacation mode to save on your gas bill as you don't need to pay for hot water while gone.



 Use a soaker hose for flowers.  If you don't have a sprinkler system that waters flower beds, you can use  a timer and soaker hose to help keep them alive.  If you are turning the water off for your house, there may be a separate shut off for outdoor water, which you can leave on for this.


 Have a neighbor or someone you trust check in on the house while you are gone for an extended period.  If there is an issue while you are away, damage to your home could be greatly minimized if discovered early. Make sure there is no mail or newspapers delivered and a porch cam or neighbor can monitor for any packages that get dropped off so they don't sit there unattended and call attention to your status.


 Notify your alarm company or police, if you have one, that you will be away from the home or some police departments have a time frame trip form you can fill out and they may stop by to check on your home while gone. Many police departments have programs where you can register your vacation online and then a officer can drive by to check on your home from time to time.


 Winter Snow, if you have a snow storm, make sure it gets maintained and any hand delivered circulars are retrieved. Break in crews look for tracks in the snow while looking for mail, packages and newspapers left lying about.


Provided courtesy of Tom Stachler, Real Estate One 734-996-0000



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