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Ann Arbor Michigan Area Information Video

by Tom Stachler,ABR,CDPE - Group One Realty Team



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Tips for Winterizing Your Home

by Tom Stachler,ABR,CDPE - Group One Realty Team

Old Man Winter is sneaking up on us once again. He does this every year, and yet many of us find ourselves unprepared when he springs out from behind the bushes, drops the temperatures down into the Arctic range and unleashes a torrent of wind and snow. Beyond the discomfort that the cold can bring, winter can usher in a series of expenses – but there are ways to cut down on potentially expensive heating and repair bills.

So, for all of the procrastinators out there, here are some very simple, basic tips for preparing your Michigan Home for Old Man Winter’s inevitable onslaught:

  • Seal as many of your house’s drafty areas as possible (screens, windows, doors, etc.) with weather stripping, plastic or caulk.
  • Insulate your attic, preferably with about a foot of insulating material like fiberglass. Obviously, heat rises so a well insulated attic will keep your heat where it belongs: inside your living spaces.
  • Ensure that your furnace is in tip-top condition. Have an HVAC technician check it over and replace the furnace filter. If your Michigan home is radiator heated, it’s recommended that you open the pipes slightly and bleed out some air. When water appears, close the valve.
  • Make sure that all of your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are functioning properly and have fresh batteries.
  • Cover exposed pipes with insulating material or heat tape, and insulate electrical outlets against heat loss and air leaks.

Use these quick-and-easy tips to get started and like the proverbial snowball rolling down a hill, you’ll have your Michigan house winterized in no time. You’ll save money on heat and maybe even prevent your pipes from bursting during serious cold snaps.

So Just What is a Short Sale?

by Tom Stachler,ABR,CDPE - Group One Realty Team

Every short sale situation is unique, so it’s impossible to give a one-size-fits-all definition. However, there are some factors common to all of them that we’ll attempt to explain below.

Short sales are a complex process primarily used by those who find themselves in a financially distressed situation and are seeking to avoid foreclosure in order to alleviate supplementary fees and costs to the creditor and borrower. While short sales have consequences to one’s credit standing, the alternative – foreclosure – is worse still.

Short sales in Ann Arbor and elsewhere typically involve Home sales where the current owner is unable to repay loans and/or liens against the property. So, any proceeds resulting from the sale will inevitably be less than the homeowner owes on those loans and/or liens. 

Creditors in a short sale often not only have to take less than what is owed to them via the debt, but they also sanction the termination of their lien. This is not, however, a guarantee that the homeowner will have his or her financial obligations wiped clean, unless each party agrees to those terms.

Perhaps the only sure thing in a short sale is that before creditors agree to a short sale, they will require proof that the borrower’s financial or economic hardship is preventing him or her from paying the deficiency.

A short sale should not be entered into lightly. A central consideration is the credit impact for the seller; the impact can be significant negative damage to the homeowner’s credit report. Nevertheless, in some situations a short sale is unavoidable because the impact of an actual foreclosure is worse.

Real Estate Market Statistics for Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County

by Tom Stachler,ABR,CDPE - Group One Realty Team

Real Estate Market Statistics for Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County

Well the 2011 third quarter statistics are out for Home and condo sales in Washtenaw County.  Click here to view Ann Arbor Real Estate Market Statistics for information on current inventory levels and recent sales.  

Market is keeping active, homes for sales are down and still considered a buyers market.  Contact us if you need help finding a place using the chat or contact features provided below.  

HAMP Home Affordable Mortgage Program Info

by Tom Stachler,ABR,CDPE - Group One Realty Team

HAMP or Home Affordable Mortgage Program Information

For several years now we have been waiting for a government assist program that would allow homeowners who are upside down (owe more on home than the market value) on their mortgage to at Lease refinance to lower current rates.  Unfortunately, the banker lobbyists would not allow the administration to mandate this type of relief if the amount of the mortgage exceeded 110% of of the market value.  Frankly, they would make more money getting TARP contributions if they foreclosed, so not much incentive to take a long term rate hit.  

With the Occupy Wall Street movement, the coming elections etc, talk has gotten serious again about creating a program that would allow homeowners who do pay make timely payments to refi their higher rate mortgage.  Keep in touch with this governement web site To Get Information on HAMP or Home Affordable Mortgage Program for the latest developments.  

On a related side note, check out this video about a passive way to protest and support the Occupy Wall Street Movement

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