Anyone can be a real estate investor in todays market.  I have many clients who are investing in homes prices between 15-80K who are Buying to earn income.  Current investors should note the recent underwriting change dropping the 90 day wait for flip type sales to buyers using FHA loans. (see below) 

For newcomers, generally the plan is to flip the property.  In other words you buy asset, make the necessary repairs and/or upgrades and then place it back on the market for sale.  Most of the time in order to replenish capital an investors first choice is usually to sell it for cash or buyer financing ie:the buyer gets a mortgage and pays the owner in full.  Second option.... the seller enters into a land contract with terms above market interest rate after receiving a downpayment from the buyer. The terms often will call for a balloon payment after three years at which time the buyer will then seek a mortgage to cash out the seller.  Often the buyer is not in a position to get a mortgage right now and the seller can chose this type of transaction because perhaps the property location or market conditions in the subdivision didn't yield a cash buyer right away.  The other option for the seller is to Rent the property out until which time as they may decide to sell it.   All three choices yield a nice return on investment.

New and current investors should note  ... short sale and REO flipping 
are becoming more and more accepted by the government and major 
lending institutions.  This is evidenced, among other things, 
by Freddie Mac's recent bulletins, updated credit policies by 
major lenders allowing for C buyer financing, and revised title bulletins 
stating that the C purchase price does not need to be revealed 
to the A lender as long as certain disclosures are made. 

Last Friday the FHA has rescinded its 90 anti-flipping rule and will, 
for a period of 1 year, allow FHA buyers to obtain loans 
on properties that have been recently purchased by investors 
who intend to flip them for a profit.

This "green light" by FHA means that if you've been on the 
sidelines of property flipping, you need to educate yourself 
as soon as possible, because investors will be coming on 
strong for 2010 given this latest news. 

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