I recently began traveling in a RV which I have found is more convenient and enjoyable that countless hotels if you truly want to travel.  I am enjoying the ability to easily slip away for a Michigan Summer getaway to sites I didn’t even know existed.  Or perhaps follow the warmer weather down south in the Fall and Winter months.

After just a brief period of usage, I have found a number of reasons why this form of travel is more relaxing, convenient and comfortable. The particular brand is a 25' Leisure Travel Van FX (photos below).  I find it easier to drive, insure and fuel than the larger class A coaches, and it can be setup or moved by pushing 3 buttons and you are done and on the road in 5 minutes.  Fuel economy is 16-18 miles per gal of diesel.  With this size, the number of places available to stay are expanded as well since many resorts/campgrounds etc and most of the National Parks have a 25' or less length restriction too.  With the solar panels, generator, holding tanks and lithium batteries, the unit can be self sufficient for a comfortable period as well to park to "boondock" on free government land.  Also, while in route to a more scenic destination I can pull off anywhere (golf courses to Wal-Mart parking lots) to grab some sleep and overnight parking before hitting the road again, refreshed in the morning.  


  1. I do not have to pack or unpack at each stop
  2. I know where to find my stuff without sifting through a suitcase or dirty hotel dresser drawer
  3. I know who slept in my bed the night before
  4. I can step out the door of my RV into the outdoors, unlike a hotel where I have to go out the hotel room door, down the hall, wait for the elevator, go down the elevator and out the door into the asphalt or concrete jungle.
  5. I do not have to spray or worry about bed bugs
  6. Or cockroaches and rodents crawling or hiding about
  7. I have my own bathroom and not a public one and can find the TP in the middle of the night without turning on a light
  8. I can take my dog with us without worry that he will be accepted
  9. I sleep better without being woke up in the later hours with a neighbor in the room next door or above who is too loud, banging the wall or stomping their feet above my ceiling.
  10. If I have not reached our destination yet, I can just boondock someplace and catch some shut eye before hitting the road again in the morning for no charge
  11. I never return from a day of exploring only to find room service hasn’t made up my room yet
  12. I do not have to go further than my stocked RV refrigerator to find fresh produce and beverages
  13. I can have more than a duvet and sheet on my bed.  Do you ever wonder how much goes on top of the bedspread before it gets washed.  (not cleaned very often)
  14. Can walk on a cleaner RV floor, its my dirt/germs inside the RV, not somebody else’s
  15. You can always open the windows in my RV to enjoy some fresh air (a views)
  16. The Pillow is just right !
  17. I do not have to worry about how much to tip the housekeeper
  18. Breakfast doesn’t cost $20 per person and I can enjoy it however I chose to dress
  19. I can have my morning cup of tea or coffee just how I like it, or change the view if I don't like it.
  20. I do not have to Rent a car

Can you think of other benefits?  Please Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy Trails Everyone!

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Leisure Travel Van FX

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Do you prefer this view?  


Or this one?  


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