Apartments for Rent - Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Michigan

Apartments for Rent - Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Michigan

Apartments Near Eastern Michigan University

We have several different size Apartments & Lofts for lease near Central Campus or in Downtown Ypsilanti near the EMU College of Business.  (See Showings Para Below) Normally we start taking deposits & reservations from prospective tenants when we . begin to show units for a few months each year around the First week in February.  Most Rental terms begin May 1 or September 1, however, some units do come up from time to time due to cancelations or early move-outs and will show as "For Rent" status with the current lease expiration dates or approx occupancy time in the listing details and mentioned in the next paragraph below.  Sometimes there is some flexibility as current residents when asked will sometimes agree in advance to move out a few months early, especially during the summer months after they complete their studies if there is a applicant ready to take their place, so please ask us if your desire an earlier move-in date.   If you are NOT looking for apartments or lofts but wish to lease a home or condo click here.

Showings: We prefer if you please contact us via email with your questions or if you would like to setup a showing appointment(s).  Again, we prefer inquiries by e-mail rather than phone calls for a faster response from us.  If the unit is available for reservation and showing it will have an "For Rent" status in the unit listing.  Units with "Rented" or "Pending" status are NOT available for showing or reservation perhaps due to previous reservation or returning resident. To Contact a the Showing Team Please Use the link below Tom's photo on the right or bottom of the web page and indicate the unit of interest and when you wish to move in.  

Pets: Sorry, but we normally do not accept dogs and cats in our units. Many of our units are on a common heating/cooling system with other tenants that may along with other factors, affect other tenants health should who maybe allergic to certain animal types.  

To Apply: If you wish to apply for residency and reserve a unit for the future we would need this Resident Application printed out and completed.  First application submitted along with a $300. reservation fee on a specific unit will have priority while we process your credit application.  If we accept your application, you will be sent an invoice for the total reservation fee equal to 1.5x the rent (less the $300 already on account) plus a non-refundable $199 processing/prep fee.  We ask that you make installment payments to pay off this invoiced amount ASAP.  Your $300. reservation check or money order should be made payable to Stahold Corp. as referenced on the back of the application.  You may mail both items in to the address on the back of the application or drop it off in an envelope at the Real Estate One Front desk addressed to Tom Stachler going to the office address shown below bottom right.  

Your References: Please complete the Tenant Application as much as possible including wages, past landlord references and installment loans.  Room mates should complete a separate application as well.  Most of our applicants do not have sufficient credit or landlord references, so most of the time your parents can be accepted to guarantee the obligations of your lease. We accomplish this using a one page form that we give you to send home when you sign your lease. Your parents will sign in front of a notary and return it to us via US Mail.  The lease will be put in your name to help you establish credit and so your parents do not need to have their name on the lease or attend the signing if more convenient.  If you do not have a homeowner/parent to guarantee your obligations, we can check your credit with the credit bureau.  

Approval & Denial: Once you receive your approval and sign a lease, you will be all set until your move-in date when we exchange your first months rent payment for your apartment keys.  At move-in you will be provided with a unit inventory and condition inspection disclosure that you will complete and return to us within 7 days following your move-in. When you move out, you have the opportunity to earn money that we would otherwise pay a maid service provided you leave your unit in the condition referenced in the Cleaning Suggestions Letter below.  Finally, if we check your credit and your application is declined, you will receive your reservation fee back less a $30. credit check fee.

Sample Forms: Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the Sample Forms provided below that we typically use (though sometimes tweaked) for most residents.  We have been in the rental and management business for 30+ years and appreciate your consideration.

Parking Permits: Annual Parking permits can be purchased from the City Clerk's office for 25/mth that will allow you to park without paying the meter in our Adams Street lot behind the 212 & 226 W Michigan Buildings.

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Tom Stachler is a Licensed Broker in the State of Michigan and has an ownership interest in the Landlord and Management company Stahold Corporation.  The information provided in meant to be accurate but we recommend the applicant/prospect seek out information using their own due diligence or independent resources. While most of the inventory is owned by Stahold Corporation, the listings are not exclusive therein and may contain properties listed by other Landlords or Property owners which is why it is important to use the "Contact Us" links contained within each individual listing for faster and more accurate response in general.